Ullery's Homemade Ice Cream has been making real hand-crafted homemade ice cream since 1993.

A lot has changed since Jim Ullery first began making his super-delicious-hand-crafted-goodness.
The company has grown into a family operated enterprise that spans much of Ohio and Indiana. The menu now includes 18 flavors of Ice Cream, 12 Toppings, Floats, Shakes, Malts and Affagotos and many other Specialty Items. Not to mention the fan favorite seasonal selections such as Blue Blizzard, Pumpkin Spice and Peppermint Stick among others. Of course there was also the limited edition 'Burst Of Freedom' flavor that gained the attention of viewers nationwide when it was featured on TV's Food Network during their hit show 'Carnival Eats.' There has been addition of multiple concession trailers which serve the Ohio River Valley, Central Indiana and Eastern Indiana and the opening of an old fashioned ice cream parlor in Richmond, Indiana's historic Depot District.
Yeah a lot sure has changed since Ullery's Homemade Ice Cream began it's journey over 25 years ago.

A lot of things have stayed the same too.

We still make our Ice Cream the old fashioned way, we still use only the finest quality ingredients and we still throw in free smiles with every scoop.  

Business Hours:

 Tuesday 12–8

Wednesday 12–8

Thursday 12–8

Friday 12–9

Saturday 12–9

Closed Sunday & Monday

Our Creations

Burst Of Freedom

Like a firework exploding in your mouth! We start with Raspberry, Blueberry, & Vanilla ice cream loaded with white chocolate & cherry pop candy. Then we top it with red and blue hard shell chocolate, rock candy & more pop candy. Whipped cream & a cherry on top for good measure. Then the pièces de résistances shooting candy firework sticks.

Pumpkin Spice

One of our most popular and most savory seasonal flavors is the Pumpkin Spice. Get lost in the combination of cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger coming together in one single symphony of flavor combustion. This one is rich, really rich. We highly recommend that for optimal enjoyment you consume this one very, very slowly.

Blue Blizzard

This seasonal favorite, Blue Blizzard will have you celebrating summer’s end. This limited edition Flavor was first made to commemorate Historic Richmond, Indiana’s Meltdown Winter Ice Festival.

Cake Cones

Fruit & Bean

Orange Pineapple
Red Raspberry
Black Cherry


Chocolate Love

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough 
White Chocolate Meltdown
Cookies And Cream
Loco Coco Java
Rocky Road

Waffle Cones

Sweet & Savory

Sea Salt Caramel
Peanut Butter
Blue Blizzard
Butter Pecan
Maple Nut


Peanut Butter


Hot Fudge


 Chocolate Hardshell

Chocolate Syrup



Whipped Cream





Begin with a scoop of your favorite Ice Cream, add a shot of expresso, and garnish with whipped cream and the only cherries worthy of the Ullery’s name. Now take the awesomeness and cover it with caramel and you’ve got a treat as addictive and delicious as anything you’ll ever try.

Root Beer Float

Take a step back in time with this unforgettable classic. Our root beer float is one of the best around and features New Boswell’s Brewery and Tap Room Root Beer served with Vanilla ice cream in a frosted mug.

Specialty Sundaes

Richie Rich is one of our many specialty sundae’s and features both chocolate and peanut butter ice cream, hot fudge, peanut butter sauce, Reece’s peanut butter cups, whipped cream and of course, a cherry on top.

White Chocolate Meltdown

Our White Chocolate Meltdown is always a crowd pleaser. It’s absolutely loaded with chunks of white chocolate macadamia nut cookie dough. If this one doesn’t put a smile on your face we are deeply, deeply concerned.

Hot Fudge Sundae

Our traditional Hot Fudge Sundae starts with the richest vanilla ice cream we can dream up. Then we smother it in rich decadent hot fudge cover it with savory peanuts, lighten it up with the fluffiest whipped cream and of course top it all off with the tastiest cherry available.

Cookies & Cream

If you like cookies and you like cream then you’re sure to love our Cookies & Cream ice cream. Just try to look at that picture without drooling.

We Also Serve

Affogattos (Expresso & Ice Cream)


Hand Dipped Milk Shakes


Intense Homemade Malts


The Best Old Timey Floats


Old Fashioned Sodas

A few of my favorites are: a scoop of Ullery’s pumpkin ice cream with a scoop of Ullery’s pecan-tastes like a piece of pie and the affogato (coffee with Ullery’s ice cream) – Debbie

A Few Of My Favorites

A friend and I came in Wednesday and got the peanut butter ice cream and it is to die for! – Taylor

To Die For!

Love the new location! It’s as fantastic as the ice cream! – Rick

Love The New Location!

Love love the butter pecan and the pumpkin…I need to try more!  And I love the new location- it’s perfect.  The service is wonderful. – Karole

The Service Is Wonderful!

Excellent ice cream with excellent service…a true family-owned business thriving because of quality and passion! – Melissa

Excellent Ice Cream!

Delicious! Support local! My kids loved it and the place is super cute! – Jessica

My Kids Loved It!

Great service and good ice cream! Took my 5 year old daughter in here and she loved it. Thanks again! – Grace 

Great Service And Good Ice Cream!

Our Team

We are located @ 168 Fort Wayne Ave, Richmond, IN 47374