When you come to Ullery’s Ice Cream, you can expect a unique experience. Not only will you enjoy the ice cream, but you will feel like part of the decades-old tradition that starts with ice cream made the old-fashioned way. We go beyond the traditional ice cream options to offer gluten-free, vegan, and dairy-free flavors so everyone can have the Ullery’s experience. You can even buy larger quantities to take home!

At Ullery’s we spread joy in three different ways:

  1. Direct to consumer service at our Richmond, Indiana Historic Depot District location that is open year-round.
  2. Friendly service at all of our concession trailers. (Note: The trailers are owned by different members of the Ullery family and may offer limited flavor options.)
  3. Wholesale ice cream sales to restaurants and food service venues available through the Richmond Ullery’s location.
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