Ullery’s Homemade Ice Cream is a multigenerational business that began more than 30 years ago. Jim Ullery crafted a unique blend of ice cream that is hand mixed 5 gallons at a time and frozen using the old-fashioned method of salt and ice carefully churned to a creamy perfection by an antique hit and miss engine. As the requests to attend more events grew, their children, (Rod, Rhonda, and Robbie) joined Jim and Pat with each of their own concession trailers and antique engines.

The children of Jim and Pat Ullery have continued the homemade ice cream tradition in their own unique ways. Rodney & Tammy Ullery opened a storefront location to serve ice cream in Richmond, Indiana, and use their concession trailer at multiple Indiana events. Rob & Lorrie Ullery and Joe & Rhonda Kramer operate concession trucks, separately, all around the Ohio region.

Ullery family picture at grand opening 2017

Rob & Lorrie Ullery

Rob & Lorrie operate Ullery’s Homemade Ice Cream of Lewisburg, Ohio. They operate two concession trucks with the assistance of their children. They feature the following flavors: vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, red raspberry, butter pecan, peanut butter, and pumpkin in the fall. Watch their Facebook page to learn more about their schedule. Call (937) 533-9706 for more information.

Rodney & Tammy Ullery

Rodney and Tammy Ullery have a storefront location in the Depot District of Richmond, Indiana offering up to 20 different flavors, including Gluten Free, Dairy Free, and Vegan.  In addition to the store, they also continue to operate a concession truck in Indiana. Watch the Facebook and Instagram pages for regular updates. Call (765) 993-1687 for more information.

Joe & Rhonda Kramer

Joe and Rhonda (Ullery) Kramer operate Ullery’s Concession in Ohio. This concession truck features shakes, root beer floats, hot fudge sundaes (with or without brownies!), and handmade cones and bowls. Watch their Facebook page for seasonal specials. Follow Ullery’s Concession on Facebook! Call (937) 478-2401 for more information.