Smiles + Bandages + Ice Cream = Happy Hiking

Ullery’s lives for the moments like the one you’re about to read…. Moments that make ice cream scooping so much more rewarding. After long days, ice cream sometimes is the only cure. Our employees are more than happy to help customers with not only their ice cream fix, but also things like Band-Aids, water, and smiles.

Morgan, one of our employees, did just that when a family that was walking on the Cardinal Greenway trail and came into the store for a rest break. She was more than happy to assist the family after a long day and help them find their way back. A couple days later Morgan received a card in the mail from the same family, thanking her for her kindness. Morgan absolutely loved the thank you card, but was even more appreciative that she was the one who had the opportunity to help them. “Spreading Joy One Scoop at a Time” sometimes is more than just ice cream and even comes back to reward employees.

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