Scooper to Marketer – A Sweet Tale of Determination and Success

Hello all, Maddie Brunton here as what feels like a forever employee of Ullery’s Ice Cream. Most 15-year-olds don’t wake up one day and think “I would just love to have a job”. My 15-year-old self thought it would be an amazing idea to get a job, but better yet at an ice cream shop (which just happened to be my favorite food). I remember walking into Ullery’s to apply and feeling pure joy. It’s almost like I knew that day that I

would spend many years of my life at this place. I began my journey at Ullery’s as an ice cream scooper, gradually advancing to a managerial role upon turning 18. Now, as a full-time college student graduating in May 2024, I continue to contribute remotely to Ullery’s advertising and marketing efforts from my college town at Ball State University. My passion for social media and marketing blossomed during my time at Ullery’s. As a Senior at Ballstate University, I am nearing the completion of my marketing degree with a minor in Entrepreneurial Innovation. My goal is to seamlessly transition into the business world and advance my professional career. Reflecting on my 15-year-old self, I could never have imagined stumbling upon such an incredible opportunity at a local ice cream shop. Anything is achievable with determination, hard work, diligence, and a LOT of ice cream!

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